Enter the Trigon, Matt Delanoit

For those involved in the Nebraska MMA Matt Delanoit is known as a road warrior, a never back down veteran always willing to give you his brutally honest opinion.

Talking to Matt Delanoit this week we touched on a lot of things, his career to this point, his approach to training and stepping in the cage, but his upcoming bare knuckle boxing match took center stage.

Matt said at this point in his career he’s here to take fights he’s interested in and ones that excite him. He’s not afraid to tell promoters no, flip an opponents entire fan base the bird, or take a year or two off if he feels the offers on the table do not meet his criteria.

Bare knuckle boxing has really taken off in the last year and this being BYB’s inaugural event along with the fact that they’re bringing an interesting new concept with their triangular shaped cage makes things interesting. The cage structure will limit defensive footwork and force fighters to press the action. As Delanoit put it “You could put Floyd Mayweather inside this cage and even for him, it would dampen his defensive genius”.

“I don’t get caught up in what belt you hold in Jiu-Jitsu, I don’t care what titles you’ve one at the end of the day this is a fu*king fight and I’m gonna bring it every time”.

Delanoit, training with Omaha boxing legend Grover Wiley said he’s confident in his preparation, his training, and his team. After talking to MFD, I think we can expect the same as every scrap he puts on for the fans, fireworks!

Some people get defensive to Matt’s honest (sometimes brutally) and brash approach leading up to the fight. Personally I love it. The guy shows up on time, on weight, and always puts on a show.

Matt from me and MMA Futures good luck next weekend can’t wait to rock my MFDMania shirt while cheering you on next weekend.

Next Friday night BYB Extreme Fighting Series invades Cheyenne, Wyoming. The PPV card will be broadcast on Fite TV and feature 10 bare-knuckle bouts as two fights following the standard MMA rule set. The Main Event will showcase the grandson of boxing legend Jack Dempsey, Josh Gormley out of Florida.

Preliminary Fight Card

Josh Gormley vs Bobby Brents
Jake Young vs Matt Delanoit
Billy Marting vs Leo Pla
Jamelle Jones vs Matt Kovacs (MMA)

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