Drew Dober makes his cage return in Witchita

After starting his UFC career with three losses, one no contest, and only one win, omaha’s Drew Dober has won five of his last six and looks to continue to add to the win column this weekend UFC Wichita.

I had the pleasure of talking to Drew this week. Drew told me he’s coming into this fight lighter than ever which will make his cut 155 lb easier and less stressful on his body.  This is not the only way Drew has changed his preparation leading up to this bout, Dober has  the help of a new nutritionist as well as adding the services of coach to help his mental preparation heading into fight night. This all coming on the heels of signing with new management after managing his UFC career himself to this point.

I asked Dober about his fighting roots in Omaha. Drew told me how he started out in the basement of local Heavyweight scrapper Scott Hough before finding his way to Mid-America Martial Arts. Drew quickly became an Omaha standout racking up wins in organizations such as Victory, Dynasty Combat Sports, Titan, and Bellator before getting the call to represent those three infamous letters, U-F-C.

Dober spoke in a genuine and loving manner when speaking of his hometown and it’s tight knit combat sports community. “I’m always so proud to represent Omaha and Nebraska.” He was adamant that he’s sure the UFC will go on to add many more Nebraska athletes to it’s roster in the coming years.

I asked Drew where he ideally would see this bout contested and while he admits he loves striking and the Muay Thai aspect of the game he’s ready for anything come Saturday night.

Drew, on behalf of MMA Futures we wish you luck and good skill when you step under the bright lights Saturday night!

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