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Goal… What does the word goal mean to you? According to Webster it means, “The object of a person’s ambition or efforts; an aim or desired result, the destination of a journey.” Is this how you personally would interpret the term goal, or does it mean the pursuit of your dream? Are you a goal setter, or one who fly’s by the seat of your pants? I am a very goal orientated person.  Each day I set a goal. Sometimes small short term and sometimes big long term but each day I want to be better than the day before.  goal 1 (3) Women’s Mixed Marital Arts (WMMA) has changed the way I look at my goals. Most of my long term goals involve WMMA. With one of my main long term goals, being able to fight on national television. I aspire to being on an Invicta Fighting Championship fight card. Invicta is an all Pro female fight series dedicated to providing female athletes with a major platform to showcase their skills on a consistent basis.  Invicta was founded in 2012.  Even though the promotion is new to the mma scene, Invicta has established itself and has now teamed up with UFC Fight Pass. It has become a nationally televised event. I would would consider fighting on an Invicta card an extreme accomplishment and a privilege. goal 4This is my goal in pursuit of my dream.  In order to fight on an Invicta card, I work each and every day, knowing day in and day out I become one step closer to achieving my goal. Now that I have shared one of my goals with you, do you have your goals or dreams mapped out? If not I advise sitting down and writing your short term/long term goals out and put them where they are visible daily and question yourself if you are on the right track to accomplishing your goals. Setting and achieving goals is one thing you as an individual, can accomplish yourself, in pursuit of your dreams!

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