David Monk vs Trey Smith: Dynasty Combat Sports The Dedication

In this weeks “Fight of the Week” we bring you a battle between 2 young fighters.  David “Shaolin” Monk, who is 2-0 with a couple of decisive 1st round victories in back to back weeks.  And his opponent Trey Smith, who is making his debut in the cage, but isn’t a rookie in competition as he has recently won his weight class at Muay Thai Nationals.

David Monk vs Trey Smith

-Smith connects with solid combo and trips Monk pulls guard only for smith to stand back up and land a hellacious barrage of punches and a spinning elbow.  Smith tees off against the cage with punches and kicks and its landing a mostly one sided round.  Monk comes forward but is pushed back towards the cage by Smith’s strikes to finish RD 1.  Another striking onslought to begin round two and Monk is dropped with a leg kick.  Smith controlling the fight, takes the center of the cage and survives a standing rear naked choke attempt to finish Monk by TKO halfway through RD 2.


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