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Fight Hard MMA: Springfield Fight Night

Fight HArd poster

Fight Hard MMA and UFC’s Zak Cummings bring Professional & Amateur MMA to the historic Shrine Mosque in Springfield, Missouri.  Don’t miss the rising stars of Midwest MMA in action when Springfield Fight Night goes down on Saturday, March 26th!

Bellator vet Austin Clem faces off with always tough Thomas “The Sniper” Thatcher in the Pride Auto Detailing Main Event! Marshfield, Missouri’s Billy “The Kid” Wilson makes his long awaited professional debut when he meets Moberly, Missouri’s Tray “AK” Martin in the Professional Featherweight Feature Fight! Johnathon Beckett (Pro Debut) squares off with Jamie Howard (0-1) in the Pitbull Powersports Pro Flyweight Feature Fight! Both will be looking to get their hands raised for the first time as pros! The amateur portion features the best and brightest rising stars of the sport!

17 fights! LIVE on MMA Futures! Don’t miss the action!  

ntertainment! They plan to bring MMA back to Springfield with a bang!


Ignite Presents: Evolution 1


Ignite MMA brings MMA back to Alexandria Minnesota. Bringing some of the top, up-and-coming talent to Alexandria. This is an event you won’t want to miss with this stacked card!


Cage of Honor – Davis vs White


UFC Strike – The UFC jumps into the NFT game

UFC Striek Cover

I don’t know about you, but I see a lot of MMA fans that are into the Crypto space and in turn NFT’s.

Non-Fungable Tokens, or NFT’s are like digital artwork and are contained on the Blockchain, the same way Bitcoin is managed. Think of these as trading cards that are always a Gem Mnt 10, and you know exactly how many of each card are in circulation. In UFC Strike’s case these are short video clips, or moments, that you get to own.

This isn’t the UFC’s 1st NFT, they did a release with Crypto.com leading up to UFC 268 back in December. Panini has also released “Blockchain” trading cards. But, UFC Strike has been something people have been waiting for quite some time, it’s in association with Dapper Labs and the Flow Blockchain, the same companies that brought you the uber-popular NBA Top-Shots, and are currently in Beta with NFL All-Day. Both are officially licensed but the NBA and the NFL show moments from games and the past games in each given sport.

UFC Strike is all about collectability. The Series 0 drop that happened on Sunday Jan. 23rd 2022 included 100,000 packs which included 35 different moments including* 10 highly coveted champion moments which were limited to just 75 each. Each pack contained 3 cards.

One awesome thing about UFC Strike is that they will be giving back to the fighters, UFC Fighters will be receiving 50% of the UFC’s share of the revenue from the NFT sales, this also includes secondary sales.

Well, not all things come without some issues and this was not perfect. According to a UFC Strike Blogpost, they had issues with the cards that were minted in each pack, and not all of the Champion Moments were put into the 100,000 packs. And unlike the UFC it seems that Dapper Labs is going out of their way to make things right. For every person that bought a pack, they will receive an extra card, they will be randomly airdropping the 348 remaining Champion Moments in those drops, and they will be issuing a $50 credit to use through Dapper Labs. These credits can presumably be used for NBA Top-Shots, NFL All-Day or a future drop of UFC Strike.

I do have concern that this will decrease the value of cards already purchased (I did buy 3 packs). But in all honesty, only time will tell and and the market will eventually dictate the value of these NFT’s.

Below are some samples of the NFT’s in which we purchased.

UFC Strike NFT’s


Ignite MMA Presents: A-Town Throwdown 17


Ignite comes back to Austin, MN after quite a layoff and is bringing some of the best fights around! From local favorites to UFC vets this is an event you won’t want to miss A-Town Throwdown 17!

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