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BKFC 21: Cochrane vs Richman


Tonight Bareknuckle Fighting Championships makes its debut appearance in our hometown of Omaha, NE with mixed fanfare. BKFC is an absolute stacked card with some of Omaha’s favorite fighters from the years, including fan favorite and former UFC fighter Ryan Roberts, UFC start Houston Alexander, former UFC Fighter, and UNL wrestler Jason High. And a matchup between TJ Benson and Cody “Locked and Loaded” Land! But with this stacked card, and honestly what we believe is a can’t miss debut event here in Nebraska, but today being fight day almost half of the tables in the arena are still unsold (23 of 57 tables are still available at the Ralston Arena Website). Is this because combat sports fans in Nebraska think Bareknuckle is too dangerous? Are there to many other things going on this weekend? Is BKFC asking to much for their product? Is it a lack of promotion? Or a combination of everything?

I do believe that combat sports fans may be less accepting of bare-knuckle fighting than of MMA or Boxing, and with that I think there are fewer “fans” of bare-knuckle than of other combat sports. That being said bare-knuckle fighting as a sport is growing in leaps and bounds with BKFC not much older than the pandemic.

As far as other events happening I’m sure there is a ton going on with it being the weekend after labor day. Many combat sports fans are probably enjoying the waning days of summer or going to concerts while the season is still in full swing. I personally know that MMA events have a much lower attendance in the summer months than in the winter.

So the next question is BKFC. I do believe that BKFC has overpriced the market for combat sports in Omaha, with similar events such as Dynasty Combat Sports, who is doing an event at Ralston arena in less than a month being less than half the price for the same tickets it may be a tough pill to swallow for everyday combat sports fans to pay an ultra-premium price ($2,000 a table, or $200 a seat) for something they may have been on the fence on in the 1st place when they are used to paying $700 a table of $70 a ticket for the same type of event. But I do believe that there is a market for ultra-premium tickets, the issue is you have to reach that audience and that requires putting money into promotion and marketing which I personally have seen none of by BKFC in the Omaha area.

The real question is how well will they do in the end, they may have a ton of people buy tickets at the door and I have a feeling the arena will be pretty full, and that’s good for BKFC but not great for the fighters that rely on ticket sales for income. Do we see BKFC coming back? Will they be able to have a card of the same caliber as this one? Honestly only time will tell. I hope we see them back and hope that all of Omaha’s fighters do well and want to be apart of the event again.


MMA is getting more casual fans


Mixed martial arts, also known as MMA, is a combat sport that has been around for decades. It was originally banned in many countries due to the violent nature of this sport. However, with the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) gaining popularity over the years through TV deals with networks like ESPN and Fox Sports – mixed martial arts is becoming more mainstream than ever before.

One of the main reasons why mixed martial arts is more popular now than ever before, is because there are a ton of new fans coming into this sport. The UFC’s Dana White and other MMA promoters know how to market their athletes better which in turn means that they have gained a lot more attention from all over the world. These fighters such as Conor McGregor, Ronda Rousey and others have become household names to those who follow the UFC. This means that fans are constantly searching for new MMA related content which is great news for content creators like MMA Futures.

Another reason why mixed martial arts has been able to grow so much in popularity over recent years, is because of how many big name stars have come into the sport in recent years. In 2014, Ronda Rousey became one of the first women to fight inside the octagon and has since become a huge star across America which had brought new fans to MMA as well. Other big name stars include Conor McGregor who is now making $100 million per fight according to Floyd Mayweather Jr., Brock Lesnar had a huge following and helped close the gap between WWE and MMA. Brock Lesnar was able to bring in fans from both sports and had a huge following which brought MMA into the mainstream.

Who knows what may be next but with names like Jake Paul bringing the spotlight on MMA the sport is set to grow greatly over the next few years.




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Ciryl Gane: The Next Big Thing in the Heavyweight Division?


Ciryl Gane has been making waves in the Heavyweight division lately. At only 31 years old, he is a big, powerful fighter who is currently undefeated. The hype around him has grown so much that some people are starting to wonder if he can be the next big thing in the heavyweight division.

Gane is coming off a huge victory over Derick Lewis at UFC 265 with a huge 3rd round finish. His previous victory was a TKO over Viktor Pesta.

His first two bouts were against low-tier fighters, Eddie Gordon and Damian Grabowski so it’s hard to put those wins on his resume when you’re competing in the heavyweight division at an elite level. Gane is still young though, but it appears he is on a crash course with a huge bout against Francis Ngannou. With Gane winning the interim title we expect his next bout to be to unify the title against Ngannou. Ngannou and Gane have a very similar story and both have gotten their heavyweight career start under the same coach, Fernando Lopez from France. Ngannou has since moved to Las Vegas and is training at Extreme Couture.

Gane is one of the youngest fighters in the Heavyweight division and only made his professional MMA debut in 2018. And with only 10 fights under his belt he has half the cage experience as Ngannou. But undefeated, no fighter has been able to figure out how to beat him to this point. He has proven to be a well-rounded fighter with a combination of both submission victories and striking victories mixed with his Muay Thai career he could be a hard puzzle to solve.

After seeing what Ngannou did in his first title defense against Curtis Blaydes, it should be a very interesting bout between the two Frenchmen when they meet up for a title unification match-up.


A beginners guide to MMA Betting

MOney Money

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is the premier mixed martial arts organization in the world. The UFC holds many lucrative events every year and with that, there are plenty of bets for fans to place while watching these fights.

There are many ways to bet on MMA: some bookmakers offer odds on which round it will take for a competitor to complete a fight, while other offer odds based on the winner of the fight. MMA is based on many different factors leading up to a fight and there are plenty of things to consider while placing bets.

There are many betting sites for MMA such as  http://www.oddschecker.com  that allow you to place both pre-match and live in-play MMA odds, so make sure that you check this out before you place your MMA bets to make sure that you are getting the best MMA betting odds. 

Before placing a bet on MMA, you should know about all the different MMA organizations and understand how one organization is different from another. This will help dramatically when deciding if it would be better to go with an MMA fighter in UFC or Bellator MMA. MMA odds are different for each MMA organization so make sure that you are aware of which MMA leagues you would like to place your MMA bets on and if they are both equally matched.

You should also consider the MMA fighter’s statistics, MMA record, weight class and their recent win/loss ratio. All this is key information when placing a MMA bet so make sure you understand the MMA fighter and MMA organization that you are placing your MMA bets on.

When looking at MMA Bets you’ll see numbers like -120, if a fighter is at -120 you will have to place a $120 bet to win $100. Inversly if the fighter is at +120 if you bet $100 you will win $120. MMA odds are normally expressed with a “minus” sign in front of the MMA number. MMA odds also often have MMA “moneyline” included too, and if they do then whichever MMA fighter has the minus will always be favored to win.