Cody Carrillo: A Fighter with Ferocity and Mental Fortitude

On May 20th, Synergy FC will feature a main event boxing match with Cody Carrillo, a Muay Thai, and Kickboxing big show veteran. Carrillo, who has fought in various promotions such as XFN, Friday Night Fights, Ring of Fire, Lion Fights, and EFC, will showcase his striking skills and ferocity in the ring.

Carrillo’s journey in martial arts began when he started fighting in MMA, but due to a back injury, he fell in love with Muay Thai. Under the tutelage of Andy Zerger, Carrillo’s striking skills blossomed, and he developed a lethal right-round kick that he often uses to finish his opponents.

Aside from his fighting skills, Carrillo is also a family man, with two sons named Codito and Caio. He considers his children as his motivation to keep pushing himself in and out of the ring.

For Carrillo, fighting is more than just a hobby or a profession. It’s his life’s work. He is willing to throw down with anyone, anywhere, any weight, and any time, as long as there’s a challenge. He even chased after a fight with Saenchai, one of the most legendary Muay Thai fighters of all time, which shows his hunger for tough competition.

What sets Carrillo apart from other fighters is his mental fortitude. He is not afraid to answer the next bell and always ready to go to war, no matter how tough the previous round was. He knows that in a one-on-one competition, there is nowhere to hide, and he always comes prepared to give his best performance.

Outside the ring, Carrillo enjoys reading, watching his sons play baseball, studying history, and psychology. He also loves playing basketball, football, and baseball, but fighting is his true passion.

Carrillo believes that having a positive spirit is essential when going into combat. He is grateful for every opportunity he has to step into the ring and showcase his skills. He has purposely chased the toughest tests and faced some of the most challenging opponents, which has helped him grow as a fighter and as a person.

As Carrillo prepares for his upcoming boxing match at Synergy FC, fans can expect to see a fighter with ferocity, mental fortitude, and a hunger for victory. He will undoubtedly bring his A-game and hand out knuckle sandwiches while dreaming of eating tacos with his family after the fight.

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