Fight of the Week

Spring Brawl Recap: Explosive Action Unfolds in Dynasty Combat Sports Event

The Spring Brawl, hosted by Dynasty Combat Sports, brought forth a night filled with electrifying matchups and unforgettable moments. Let's dive into the recap of the intense battles that unfolded last night: Watch Replay Flyweight Title Clash:In a showdown for the ages, Vu Dinh squared off against Brenden Kenter for the 125 lbs Amateur Flyweight Title. After a hard-fought battle, Brenden Kenter emerged victorious via decision,...

Dynasty Combat Sports Presents: Spring Brawl 24 – Live from Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, NE!

Get ready to witness the thunderous clash of titans as Dynasty Combat Sports presents "Spring Brawl 24," broadcasting live from the prestigious Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, NE. This monumental event promises an unforgettable evening of adrenaline-fueled MMA action, featuring a lineup stacked with talent and excitement. Buy Spring Brawl PPV Fight Card Highlights: Vu Dinh vs. Brenden Kenter - 125 lbs Amateur Flyweight Title Fight: The...

KCFA: Fight For The Cure – Flager vs Reyno

We bring you Flager vs Reyno. Don't miss any of the action from KCFA: Fight for a Cure, you can watch the replay of the entire card here (Click here) for $9.99 or wait until the 15th and access all the fights on demand here (Click Here) for only $4.99. This is a card you'll surely want to see.

Dynasty Combat Sports 19: September Fight Fest – A Salute to Labor

It's Fight Night this Friday September 4th at 7PM, as Dynasty Combat Sports returns to the Ramada CoCo Keys in Omaha for Dynasty Combat Sports 19: September Fight Fest.

Angela Gwinnup vs Christina Ferency – Spring Brawl – Fight of the Week

There were so many great fights in the area this weekend picking just one FOTW was very difficult. But we landed on Angela Gwinnup vs Christina Ferency.

Jesse Free vs Nick Wright – DCS 15 Columbus

Our fight of the week this week comes from Dynasty Combat Sports 15: Columbus Fight Night. This fight has all the elements of a great fight.

Joe Guerrero vs Delfino Benetiz – MCF 10 – FOTW

Joe Guerrero vs Delfino Benetiz - Joe Guerrero comes from Grudge Training center to take on North Platte's own Delfino Benetiz

Joe Guerrero vs Jorge Martinez: RFA 14 – Fight of the week

Joe Guerrero vs Jorge Martinez at RFA 14, Guerrero entered this bout 1-1 and Martinez enters this fight 1-0 at RFA 14 and even though most of the fight was on the ground it was fast paced and fun to watch.

Mark Hooper vs Ryan MacDonald – MCF 7

This week we decided to reach into the archives to bring you Mark Hooper vs Ryan MacDonald from Midwest Championship Fighting 7 held at the opening of North Platte's Nebraskaland days in 2013.

Jean King vs Amanda Byers – KCFA 13

We were very fortunate to be cageside for Jean King vs Amanda Byers at KCFA 13 in Indepenance Missouri

Kilistina Makihele vs Jozette Cotton – DCS 12 Validation

Kilistina Makihele vs Jozette Cotton - Dynasty Combat Sports 12: Validation Touted as one of 's tussles to watch in January

Chance Cretsinger VS Dalton Grinstead

Chance Cretsinger VS Dalton Grinstead, from Pinnacle Combat Sports XVIII: Legal Beatdown 2015 in Dubuque Iowa.

MMA Futures on Inside MMA

In 2014 we were able to get several fighters national exposure. The fights were aired on national television including two separate fights on the premier episode of Inside MMA .

Jordan Hernandez vs Darrick Minner: Dynasty Combat Sports Seasons Beatings

MMA Futures was live at Pinnacle Bank arena in Lincoln, Nebraska for Jordan Hernandez vs Darrick Minner at Dynasty Combat Sports Seasons Beatings. Nabraska native, Darrick Minner faced Jordan Hernandez of K.C. Missouri.