FAC 24 Recap: Explosive Action and Surprising Upsets Galore

The dust has settled on another exhilarating night of mixed martial arts action as FAC 24 unfolded on May 3rd, 2024. With a lineup packed full of promising talent and seasoned veterans, the event delivered a series of thrilling bouts that left fans on the edge of their seats. The headline of the night belonged to Zach Scroggin, who cemented his status as the 170lb...

FAC 24: A Night of Thrilling MMA Action in the Heart of the Midwest

Fighting Alliance Championship (FAC) gears up for another adrenaline-fueled event as FAC 24 descends upon the cable Dahlmer Arena just outside Kansas City in Independence, Missouri, on Friday, May 3rd. Renowned as a powerhouse in the Midwest MMA scene, FAC consistently showcases top-tier talent, grooming fighters destined for the grand stage of the UFC. FAC 24 stands as no exception, boasting a roster of...

MMA 101: That Dirty Word “Intensity”

Intensity is a word that conjures up images of a high school football coach in short shorts screaming “Intensity, give me some intensity!” between...

MMA 101: Overtraining Is A Myth

Overtraining is a myth. Sorry, but it is. Most people I know who say they are overtrained aren’t putting in enough hours to either...

MMA 101: Finding Sponsors

Anyone who has reached a higher level in combat sports knows that while there is money to be made, it is only at the...

MMA 101: Training Logs

It’s one of the most under-utilized tools in training - the training log. From the hobbyist to the serious fighter, keeping training records can...

Can UFC 225 Top What We Saw At Bellator 198 For Best Chicago-Based Card Ever?

Give Bellator MMA credit for bringing Fedor Emelianenko and Frank Mir to Illinois recently for Bellator 198. Sure, technically the card didn't actually take place...

Shamrock FC: Heavy Artillery (live blog)

MMA Futures is ringside at Shamrock FC: Heavy Artillery event tonight blogging live to give you minute by minute coverage of the event.

#FGF Feel Good Friday – Dude Be Nice

One of our great partners Dude. Be Nice, does some of the greatest things for young kids. They help them to give back and be heard. With everything that goes on in this crazy world we want you to have something to feel GREAT about. So here is a #FGF Feel Good Friday for you.

Anthony Smith on his fight at CFFC

We were very fortunate to catch up with Anthony Smith getting ready for his fight tomorrow night at CFFC in Philadelphia, PA.

Anthony Smith Live From Philadelphia

We decided to do some fun things with our friend Anthony Smith Live from Philadelphia. This weekend he is traveling to Philadelphia, PA to take on our #4 ranked Middleweight prospect, Tim Williams.

MMA Futures 2014 Year in Review

MMA Futures 2014 Year in Review - 2014 was a great year for us and we look forward to 2015 take a look at what we left behind in 2014

Happy Holidays

We want to wish all of our fans Happy Holidays.

30 Day Giveaway

BBoon is known for being one of the best Thai brands, used by professional fighters worldwide. The problem is; getting your hands on a...