California or Bust!

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] am Sacramento bound. I have known for a long time that in order to perform like an elite athlete, I was going to have to train with elite athletes on their level. I’m confident as a professional MMA fighter. But I know if I don’t take a chance now, to train on that higher level, I will stay an average fighter for the rest of my career. That is not at all what I want. For me it’s like not studying, taking the SAT, getting a 450 and having going to trade school. I have made poor decisions like that in my life thus far and for me it is time to be smart about something. I am very passionate about my career in MMA.ryan 7 I know everyone here in Nebraska is questioning, why California? Why not Omaha, Denver, or Kansas city? Well, growing up I wasn’t raised with a ton of money, bills were paid but for most kids vacationing with their family was more common than the few trips we took to bordering states and Texas to see family. Going to places like Hawaii, California or Florida was a wishful daydream. So not to offend the guys and gals at Premier, Glory, or any of the other top gyms in the Midwest but being sheltered has made me curious. I want to broaden my horizons and see the country, and eventually the world. And I think starting a professional career under Team Alpha Male must be, by far, the best thing for me for attaining my dreams and goals. I like that most of T.A.M. guys were part of the evolution of the lighter weight classes And maybe even share a bit of a Napoleon complex with me. 🙂 So I threw the idea at my best friend Delfino Benitez, another aspiring pro MMA Fighter and he loved it! We are now applying for apartments and jobs and are hopefully set to depart on the 27th of September if all goes as planned with finances. I believe I can be the best fighter in the world and I can’t thank my support group enough for believing in me. Thank you MMA Futures especially for helping us amateurs get exposure, can’t express how much it means. Help me pursue my dream, my story is far from over.

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