Calculated Violence MMA: A Journey of Determination and Passion to Ignite Presents Compass Fight Series 3

Meet Jaden Overman and Jordan Pulver, two fighters representing Calculated Violence MMA, as they prepare to showcase their skills at Ignite Presents Compass Fight Series 3 with the guidance of their esteemed coach, Andrew Sommers.


The world of mixed martial arts is one of dedication, discipline, and relentless pursuit of victory. At Calculated Violence MMA, a team of fighters led by head coach Andrew Sommers, the journey to success is filled with passion and unwavering determination. As Ignite Presents Compass Fight Series 3 approaches on Friday night, June 2nd, two fighters from Calculated Violence are ready to step into the cage and leave their mark, guided by the experienced hand of their coach.

Jaden Overman: Rising Star with a Fighter Mentality

Jaden Overman’s journey in MMA is nothing short of remarkable. Introduced to the sport through a chance encounter with Coach Andrew Sommers, Overman quickly fell in love with the world of mixed martial arts. Starting his training just over a year ago, Overman’s dedication and consistency have propelled him to a 4-2 amateur record. With a background in wrestling, Overman excels in using his grappling skills to control his opponents on the ground. But he is no slouch in the striking department either, with a powerful overhand right that can end fights. Inspired by his parents’ hard work and dedication, Overman embraces the fighter mentality in all aspects of his life. His dream is to earn championship status and be remembered as one of the hardest workers in the sport, under the guidance of his coach, Andrew Sommers.

Jordan Pulver: Athleticism and Determination Personified

Jordan Pulver, a multi-sport athlete and owner of a lawn care business, brings his athleticism and determination to the world of MMA. Inspired by the likes of Israel Adesanya, Pulver decided to pursue his dream of fighting in the octagon. With a love for his jab and a keen eye for rear naked chokes, Pulver is continuously honing his skills in striking and grappling. The nerves before a fight are met with a reminder to stay focused and trust in his training. Outside of MMA, Pulver enjoys spending time outdoors and participating in sand volleyball and fast-pitch softball. Supported by his family, friends, and girlfriend, Pulver is grateful for their unwavering support as he embarks on this journey, with the guidance and coaching expertise of Andrew Sommers.

As Ignite Presents Compass Fight Series 3 draws near, these fighters from Calculated Violence MMA are eager to step into the cage and showcase their skills. The dedication, hard work, and passion that Jaden Overman and Jordan Pulver bring to their fights are testaments to their commitment to the sport, under the watchful eye and guidance of their esteemed coach, Andrew Sommers. With dreams of victory and championship glory, these fighters are ready to leave it all in the cage on Friday night, June 2nd. So be prepared for an evening of thrilling action as Calculated Violence MMA fighters, with the coaching expertise of Andrew Sommers, aim to ignite the crowd and make their mark at Compass Fight Series 3.

Live Coverage on MMA Futures

For all the mixed martial arts enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the Ignite Presents Compass Fight Series 3, there’s great news. The event will be available for live streaming on MMA Futures, bringing the electrifying action right to your screens. MMA Futures, known for its commitment to showcasing rising talents in the sport, will provide viewers with an immersive experience, capturing every moment of the intense fights featuring fighters from Calculated Violence MMA.

With Jaden Overman and Jordan Pulver, two promising fighters from Calculated Violence MMA, stepping into the cage, the live coverage on MMA Futures presents an opportunity to witness their skills, determination, and progression firsthand. This platform allows fans, supporters, and enthusiasts to join the excitement from anywhere in the world, creating a sense of camaraderie among MMA fans and providing a stage for these talented fighters to shine.

So mark your calendars for Friday night, June 2nd, and make sure to tune in to MMA Futures for the live coverage of Ignite Presents Compass Fight Series 3. Join the global MMA community as they cheer on Jaden Overman, Jordan Pulver, and other fighters, and witness the thrilling battles unfold in real time. With the combined efforts of Calculated Violence MMA, their coach Andrew Sommers, and the streaming services of MMA Futures, get ready for an unforgettable night of intense action and unyielding determination in the cage.