Brian B-Hue Houston: From MMA to Boxing and Back


In the thrilling world of mixed martial arts (MMA), fighters constantly strive to evolve and find their niche. One such fighter is Brian “B-Hue” Houston, who has recently made a transition from MMA to boxing and is now ready to make his mark at the Elite Championship Fighting event on June 24th. In this article, we delve into an exclusive interview with Brian B-Hue Houston as he discusses his training, experiences, and the value of his boxing background.

From MMA to Boxing: A Natural Transition:

Brian Houston, known as B-Hue, has been an active participant in the MMA scene for several years. However, his recent foray into boxing has brought him a renewed sense of purpose and excitement. When asked about his transition, Houston explained that he believes he possesses exceptional boxing skills, possibly unmatched in his division. Having trained extensively in traditional boxing alongside his MMA career, he is confident in his abilities to excel in both disciplines.

Training at Skywalker 101:

Training location and partners play a crucial role in a fighter’s development and success. Houston trains at the renowned Skywalker Gym in Omaha, Nebraska, under the guidance of coaches like Danny Molina and Scott Morton. While big-name gyms like American Top Team and Premier Combat Center have their merits, Houston emphasizes the importance of finding a training environment that suits an individual’s needs and fosters trust and growth. Houston’s training partners, including the likes of Anthony Smith and Jordan Hederman, provide him with the necessary challenge and confidence to reach new heights in his MMA journey.

The Value of Experience:

Houston’s association with experienced fighters such as Anthony Smith and Jordan Hederman brings immense value to his preparations for the upcoming fight. Training alongside individuals with extensive fight records and a deep understanding of the sport raises Houston’s level of performance. The presence of such accomplished fighters instills confidence and pushes Houston to sharpen his skills further. Having trusted and skilled training partners is an integral part of Houston’s growth as an athlete, allowing him to fully embrace the challenge of competing against seasoned UFC veterans.

Reflecting on the UFC Experience:

When discussing his past UFC experience, Houston candidly shares his frustrations. In his first UFC fight, he faced unforeseen challenges due to a lack of mental preparation. Initially expecting more time to warm up, Houston found himself thrust into the octagon earlier than anticipated. This sudden change disrupted his mental focus, resulting in a loss. In his second fight, external circumstances, such as a car fire and overtraining, affected his performance. Despite these setbacks, Houston remains resilient and motivated to prove himself on the Elite Championship Fighting stage.

The Future of MMA and Boxing:

Houston believes that MMA offers greater opportunities and growth potential compared to boxing. While acknowledging the skill and beauty of boxing, he highlights the limitations imposed by its established ceiling. Boxing has seen numerous fighters reach the pinnacle of success, earn substantial rewards, and then retire. However, in MMA, the scope for growth and recognition is wider, attracting a larger pool of talent. Houston sees his dual background in MMA and boxing as an advantage, allowing him to tap into the expanded opportunities that the MMA world offers.

Brian “B-Hue” Houston’s journey from MMA to boxing and back demonstrates his versatility as an athlete and his commitment to personal growth. As he prepares to compete in the Elite Championship Fighting event, Houston’s training at Skywalker Gym and his association with experienced fighters provide him with the tools necessary to shine in the octagon. While reflecting on his past UFC experiences, Houston remains determined and focused on making the most of the opportunities that MMA provides. With his exceptional boxing skills and a relentless drive to succeed, Brian B-Hue Houston is ready to leave a lasting impression in the world of combat sports.