Branden Chevrefils – Grey Hat Spotlight

Humble, soft-spoken, almost reticent at times, Grey Hat Welterweight Branden Chevrefils is not a archetypal MMA fighter; neither brash, nor cocky, he is thoughtful and gracious, appearing far more mature than his 21 years lead on.

However, after taking one look at his ability and well-defined abs, it is clear that Branden has been training at a level most do not touch.

“Being able to fight to the end,” comments Chevrefils, “that’s what makes a good fighter.”

Now on deployment in the U.S. Military, Branden Chevrefils persevered, committing himself to MMA. Through hard work, training, and sheer determination, he continues to up his fight game, and eventually will find success in the MMA cage upon his return.

Amassing an 8-1-0 mixed martial arts record against some of the Midwest and U.S. military, top MMA talent, including VFC’s Karhramon Dekhkanov. Chevrefils started fighting at age 17 and was the winner of Gladiator Fighting Association Welterweight title.

Chevrefils is noted for his fast and unorthodox fighting style, an unpredictable right hand, and, as he puts it, a “never-say-die attitude,” Branden is not one to rest on his past victories. Aware that his peers are also rapidly improving and raising their games, he is constantly searching for ways to remain one step ahead of the pack.

Focused on his three session per day workout regimen, in addition to his military training, Branden Chevrefils summons motivation from his friends and family in Kansas and abroad. A tenacious fighter inside the cage, he is fueled by the spirit of his team in Manhattan and Fort Riley Kansas.

“I am driven and I am not even close to where I want to be; the best,” Branden admits. “MMA has given me great opportunities and has changed my life. I want to be the best in the world”

We are proud to announce that Branden will be writing a (yet to be named) blog right here on MMA Futures while on deployment in the middle east!

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