Brady “The Phoenix” Minner: Rising from the Ashes


Brady “The Phoenix” Minner is a professional mixed martial artist from Nebraska, USA, who is known for his exciting fighting style and his never-say-die attitude. He trains at Premier Combat Center and has a professional record of 6-4, with one Welterweight title and two amateur belts under his belt.

Minner’s journey in MMA started when he joined his older brother Darrick’s class to lose weight and get fit. He quickly fell in love with the sport and began training seriously. As a fighter, Minner is a jab-happy striker who loves to finish fights with submissions. He also has a deep appreciation for wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Minner is known for his entertaining fights, which often leave the audience on the edge of their seats. He takes pride in being a fighter that people love to watch compete. He also sees his career as an opportunity to inspire his kids and show them that with hard work, anything is possible.

Minner earned the nickname “The Phoenix” after he survived a near-fatal overdose in August 2021. He had taken fentanyl-laced cocaine, which caused him to stop breathing and fall into a coma. When he woke up, he knew that he had to change his ways and become a better person, not just for himself but for his children. He returned to training only a week after the incident, which amazed his coach and teammates. It was like he had risen from the ashes, just like the mythical bird.

Minner’s experience with addiction and his subsequent recovery has given him a new perspective on life and his career. He is more focused and determined than ever before, and he wants to use his platform to raise awareness about the dangers of drug abuse.

Minner’s dedication to his craft is evident in his daily routine. When he’s not with his kids, he’s either at the gym or doing some sort of outdoor activity to keep himself busy. He loves hiking, playing ball with his children, and playing in a sand volleyball league on Sundays. He’s also a big fan of football and baseball.

Minner believes that mental and physical toughness are essential qualities for any fighter. He says that staying cool, calm, and collected is crucial, and that everything you do should have a purpose. He also emphasizes the importance of breathing and having fun while training.

Minner is grateful for his sponsors, who have helped him chase his dreams. He gives a shoutout to Corey Van Dorn with Van Dorn Nutrition, Cory Behrens Jr with Behrens Restoration Services, Luke Williams car salesman at Henry Motors in Nebraska City, Brandon Ebert and BSE Performance and Auto Repair, and Amanda Rayhel with Someday Wellness. He also thanks his coach Darrick Minner and his team at Premier Combat Center for their support and encouragement.

Looking to the future, Minner hopes to rack up a few more wins and make it to a bigger promotion. He knows that the road ahead will be tough, but he’s ready for the challenge. As he puts it, “You should always be hungry for the grind to become better.” With his fighting spirit and newfound sense of purpose, there’s no doubt that Brady “The Phoenix” Minner will continue to rise from the ashes and inspire others along the way.