Angela Gwinnup vs Christina Ferency – Spring Brawl – Fight of the Week

There were so many great fights in the area this weekend picking just one FOTW was very difficult.  But we landed on Angela Gwinnup  vs Christina Ferency.  For Ferency this fight has been a long time coming, her 1st scheduled fight was last December, and her opponent was forced to pull out of the fight due to an injury.  Then the second fight came along, her opponent missed weight by 20 lbs! and then we ended up here at Spring Brawl at a fight that almost didn’t happen as she once again lost her opponent.  Gwinnup came in and showed unbelievable resilience, as many male fighters may have tossed in the towel after the 1st round.  But Ferency definitely didn’t disappoint on her cage debut and here is your chance to see it all unfold.

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