An Old-fashioned Feud

Aaron Rajman

There are so many reasons, I would like to see a match-up between Aaron Rajman and Sky Moiseichik. I have watched Aaron as his career has progressed and he has become a very talented athlete with tons of potential. I have not personally seen Sky in the ring but I have spoken with him personally and his 7-2-2 (6-3 official Sherdog) record speaks for itself. One cannot ignore that there is much more to this match-up than meets the eye. On the surface, it seems like a festering animosity between two guys that have had a turbulent past and share no love loss between them but when you dig deeper it becomes more of a “Hatfields and McCoys” Old-fashioned feud.

Apparently, both fighters started ABC (American Battle Championships), an amateur MMA promotion in South Florida.  After a year, the two parted ways and in the interim, according to Rajman, Moiseichik allegedly assaulted members of Rajman’s family while returning to get the remainder of his belongings. “Moiseichik forced his way in and put hands on my family, he is wanted for burglary and aggravated assault in Boca,” says Rajman. They have both since used the ABC trade-name and have had some grievances raised on both sides as to the quality of each other’s promotion. Rajman cites a number of cancellations and safety concerns with Moiseichik’s promotions.

Rajman has signed a contract to fight Moiseichik. Moiseichik has had the contract for two weeks and has thus far, not signed to fight Rajman. Moiseichik has cited hotel and travel costs as concerns about signing the contract, all of which have been addressed. He is now demanding a pay raise. “I don’t know how many tickets you’re going to sell but let me know what you want  in a pay raise and I’ll get it for you in sponsors. I’ll fight you for free, stop making excuses and sign tonight,” says Rajman through a Facebook post to Moiseichik.


Here’s my bet on the fight if you really show up, winner keeps rights to ABC, loser signs that he will cease use of the brand. Loser also shaves hair and beard. This would be in a contract written professionally by Emilee Imber, which you may have your people look over, of course.

Everyone can clearly see from the below photo that I own the trade mark on ABC currently and that your last show was a major trademark infringement. Only reason I haven’t sued yet is there’s nothing to sue you for… Now that being said, I ain’t got much either so let’s settle this like men. If you bitch out Sky Moiseichik, then I’ll fight someone else and take the opportunity so graciously given to move forward, while u hide from challenge.

Stop with the excuses and sign ASAP! Who wants to see this fight?? Please let me know and share this post until he can’t make any more excuses!!! Thanks and G-d bless (even you Sky) lol

But as my favorite actor John Wayne once said, “There are two sides to that spinning coin.” And so too are there two sides to this story. When MMA Futures spoke with Moiseichik about the conflict he told us that ABC was his vision, “I wanted to make a promotion by fighters for fighters.” I came up with the name, paid for the domain on GoDaddy in February of 2012 and I paid the artist for the artwork for the logo,” says Moiseichik.

Sky told MMA Futures that he put up all of the money for the initial cost. “Aaron did not put one dime into it, it was all my money,” says Moiseichik. “Now he thinks that because he filed for a trademark he can steal it from me. I was the first one to use that name and I own it. I also paid for the artwork that Aaron is now using as his trademark.” Moiseichik admitted that he has stepped away from the business as of late because of personal and family reasons. “Aaron is trying to ruin my reputation,” says Moiseichik.


“I went into my registered place of business to get back some personal items not worth anything to anyone but me; a title belt, some letters and personal awards. I was assaulted by Aaron’s brother and even after that I signed a note that listed the things I took with me. I had every right to go in and get my stuff. They just wanted to keep me from getting my personal items out of spite. How can I burglarize my own business?”


MMA Futures could find no police report with Boca police or the county sheriff’s office of an assault warrant or any other crime committed by Moiseichik in Palm Beach County. There is simply no record of it that we could find. And above is the proof of ownership of the  domain name and a response from the artist who designed the logo sent to MMA Futures by Moiseichik.


“He entered my home forcefully and put hands on my family. Charges were likely dropped months ago but a police report was certainly filed. In response to him saying “how can I break into my own business?” Feel free to quote me. If you are the registered agent of a Corporation and are not at the business to be served if need be, you can be fined and shut down. My home was NOT his business. He was not welcome there and if he were to attempt to enter again he would likely and legally be killed. ”

“I agreed to give him the pay raise. I would love to know why he deserves more money than me considering I’ll sell more tickets than him by far. He also said he wants me to pay him before he signs the contract. That’s so sad man. Tell him I’ll add a $300 dollar pay raise into the contract including the ABC bet. This guy’s all in the media but wants to be payed with no contract. Don’t be scared homie, your running out of excuses. ”

Below is the Trademark ownership provided by Aaron Rajman.


Sky told MMA Futures that he absolutely plans on signing the contract. “I had to make sure my costs were covered because I am coming in from Puerto Rico for this fight and as you know, this is one of the most hyped up fights in South Florida. You guys are even calling me from the Midwest about it. I want to get paid fair market value for this fight. Aaron says he will pay and as soon as that happens, I will sign,” says Moiseichik.  He also added that in Florida making a bet to shave one’s head and beard cannot be legally enforced but “I will agree to it as a gentleman’s bet if he does the same,” says  Moiseichik.

Rajman has offered to settle the ownership dispute in the ring with Moiseichik. Moiseichik has also agreed. Oh my God! It does not get any better than this. I for one, would love to see this match-up between Aaron Rajman and Sky Moiseichik in-person, ringside. This is as close to a Wild-west showdown between two gunslingers as you can get, winner take all.  As far as the festering animosity, the “Hatfields and McCoys” would be proud. This is now a showdown of wills and the sport of MMA can use more of this Old-fashioned feud mentality.


This fight is now confirmed per the Promotion, stay tuned for more information

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