Amateur Fighter receives suspension after mooning crowd


Saturday December 19th at a local promotion after defending his title decided to drop his pants and moon UFC Fighter Darrick Minner. Well he actually took it a little farther than that. There was obviously bad blood between the two amateur fighters, Ray Evans and Tanner Wonch, who were competing for an amateur title Saturday night.

Here is a little play by play of the video above

  • After finishing the fight, Evans slapped Wonch while getting up after the break.
  • After having his team removed from the cage (I mean we are still under a pandemic here) he then crawled down to talk more smack to the defeated opponent.
  • Former EBI world combat jiu-jitsu champ Nick Honstein steps in to separate the two and the fighter flips off Honstein.
  • When the promoter informed him that his attitude was uncalled for he decided to flip off the promoter.
  • Then Evans started chatting with Darrick Minner who was outside the cage and thought it was a good idea to pull his pants down and show his butt to him.

Fortunately the staff at the promotion was professional and no further actions were made.

Tanner Wonch won the fight by DQ but Ray Evans does retain his title.