Alan “Kansas City bad boy” Olivas

Alan Olivas: From 0-2 to a 7-2 Record with a 7-Fight Win Streak

Alan Olivas is a rising star in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA), with a 7-2 record and an impressive 7-fight win streak. He is known for his ground-and-pound skills and has finished 5 of his fights, including 3 first-round finishes in 3 weight classes (155, 145, 135). He has also earned 2 submissions and 3 KOs in his professional career.

Olivas’ love for fighting began when his brother took him to the gym and fought him. He knew from that day on that he loved the sport. He trains under Jason High and Zak Cummings at Ignite Jiu-Jitsu, where he has honed his skills and become a specialist in ground-and-pound techniques. However, Olivas also enjoys kickboxing and has showcased his striking abilities in his fights.

For Olivas, fighting is more than just a sport. He believes that it has saved his life and means the world to him. His work ethic and self-belief have been crucial in his success, and he draws inspiration from former UFC champion Henry Cejudo.

Olivas’ journey to success has not been easy. He started with a 0-2 record but worked hard to turn things around. He is proud of the friendships he has built through his hard work and dedication to the sport. Olivas is known as the “Kansas City bad boy” and has been passionate about fighting since high school.

Training is a crucial part of Olivas’ life, and he trains every day with his family. He hopes to enter the UFC and put the flyweight division on notice. Olivas is confident in his abilities and does not see anyone as a significant challenge in his path to success.

Outside of fighting, Olivas enjoys NFTs, paintballing, video games, and watching fights. He also has a love for football, soccer, and boxing. When faced with setbacks, he goes back to the drawing board and works hard to improve.

For Olivas, mental toughness plays a big role in fighting. He believes that visualization is essential to achieving success and that believing in oneself is key. He learned this lesson firsthand when he submitted a 2-time D3 NCAA wrestling champion in under one round.

When asked about his greatest accomplishment, Olivas cites going from 0-2 to not losing a round. He also believes that the ability to perform at one’s best under great stress is a significant accomplishment in itself.

As for what’s next for Olivas, he plans to continue working hard and pursuing his dream of entering the UFC. His team at Ignite Jiu-Jitsu, along with his family and friends, support him every step of the way. To aspiring fighters, Olivas’ advice is to work hard, be consistent, believe in yourself, and be disciplined. In the end, he believes that 90% of the fight comes down to who has the tougher mentality.

Olivas’ next fight will be against Jacob Thrall on Cinco de Mayo, and he is looking forward to showcasing his skills. He thanks his team at Immortals Fight Club, Major Pac, Carmen’s Cantina, Fat Rat Mafia, Lucky Leopard Crew, his family, his wife Ahleli, his friends, his teammates, his coaches, and most importantly, God, for their support in his journey to success.

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