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This is a post today I read on my Facebook timeline today for a little motivation. She is a friend of mine from several years back.  She has worked very hard to get to where she is, and it has taken time… Remember, it is always worth the time in the end.  And getting in shape is 20 times more difficult than staying in shape.  But we wanted to share this with you and maybe add some motivation to your next workout.  I know this does mine.  Below the post are some before and after pictures also.


Alright so, I’m sure people are getting sick of me posting about fitness, and getting healthy, sweaty selfies and being awesome but Sooooo many times thought out the past well years really, I have gotten on these kicks about health and blah blah blah and getting fit and losing weight. And 98% of the time I have relapsed and fell back into old habits.I know everyone gets on here and trust me when I say that if anyone loves food, and drinking and food it’s me. I have a passion for cooking and obviously baking or really anything to do with eating and culinary related subjects, I always have.

I just want to put out there that even if I am motivating just one person to get off there ass and do something, anything… I’m satisfied.
Losing weight, becoming healthy, changing your life in any aspect can be a humungous hurtle. I have relapsed so many times I have lost count. From just giving up (which I’m not proud to say) but I have many times, to breaking or spraining something (which I think I should win some kind of award or at least be documented for) these things have frustrated me and looking about I just kept telling myself. I’ll start tomorrow or next week or the first of the month. We have all done it.

NOW IS THE TIME. Right now today. Get up take a walk, play with your kids, play with your dog, and be active. What is stopping you? Take time today to think of why you’re not moving. Don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t. Remember that you are your biggest obstacle.

I have to say that if you really know me, you know that I am my own biggest fan. I have never had a problem with self-esteem, or not thinking I’m awesome. Haha laugh at that all you want but it’s true. I love to toot my own horn.… BUT I can’t thank everyone on here enough for even the slightest of motivation. That looking good comment or likes on my photos makes me feel like people are supporting me every step of the way to a serious life change. I love you all no matter what you really think of all my stupid, sweaty selfies. And I’m going to keep on posting about my life and my struggles and another great work out. AND FOOD!!!!!

Savannah Big
Savannah Rocking it BEFORE & AFTER


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