5 Brands to Watch – Americana

I find it interesting that a brand from Canada is called Americana, but these guys are amazing! These guys honestly are breaking all the rules, very punk rock of them right? Well that’s exactly the case, they come from a punk rock background and carry not only mma shirts, for fighters like Cris “Cyborg” Justino, but also have a full selection of shirts for bands like Sick of it All. These guys have gone all into the MMA scene, if you watch Invicta for one you will see them all over the place. And what they’ve come up with is a great combination and a unique style in a very crowded, anyone can make shirts, market. I’ll be honest this stuff isn’t for everyone, but if you were one of those kids that spend you time combing through Rockabilia as a kid, and find yourself an MMA Fan, this brand is definitely worth the time to check out, and because of the retro style and the no holds barred attitude they are on our 5 Brands to watch in 2015. ¬†Check them out below.


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