Warm Weather Gear Tips For Combat Sports Training

So it’s finally summer, and your first clue into the rising temps is not the sound of robins in the morning or the budding green of the trees, but the self-induced sauna that is...

What’s The Latest With Conor McGregor And His Legal Troubles?

For now, Conor McGregor remains in a state of flux. The former UFC lightweight and welterweight champion appeared Thursday in a New York City court on his role in an incident in April at UFC...

Super-Fight Between Brock Lesnar, Jon Jones Intrigues Dana White

UFC president Dana White really wants to put Brock Lesnar and Jon Jones inside the Octagon vs. one another. Several problems, though, stand in the way of that coming to fruition. First, Lesnar is currently still...

UFC 225 Winner Anthony Smith Wants On Lincoln Card

For Anthony Smith, a return to his old stomping grounds is calling him. The UFC veteran picked up a victory over former champion Rashad Evans this past weekend at UFC 225 and now wants on...

MMA 101: Lifting Weights

Everybody wants to be swole, every bro wants to be jacked, everyone wants the six pack and the arm veins. All of those are great things, they aren’t, however, requirements for fighting. In fact,...

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Justin Schenk vs Rodney Peterson: Dynasty Combat Sports 9

Justin Schenk vs Rodney Peterson in the cage at Dynasty Combat Sports 9

KCFA 14 Fights

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