AFC 15 Poster

Ascendancy Fighting Championship: AFC 15 Christmas Massacre

Ascendancy Fighting Championship brought us AFC 15 Christmas Massacre, and what a great night of fights it was. Including the main event, professional flyweight championship match between Nate Williams and Jason Huntley.  Also a...
A-Town throwdown XII

Driller Promotions: A-Town Throwdown XII

A-Town Throwdown XII happened Dec. 16 2017 in Austin, MN and features some of the areas best Amateur and Pro Fighters. Be sure to check out the action filled night filled with decisions knockouts...
Marketing Yourself as a Fighter

Marketing Yourself as a Fighter

If you’re looking for a career in the octagon, marketing yourself is, hands down, one of the most important things you can do outside of training. Many fighters want to focus on fighting, and...
Can I Fight

Can I fight?

The idea has been beating around in your head for a while.  Sometimes passively. Sometimes in vivid detail.  The question seems to be palpable some days, written in ten-foot-tall steel letters. It’s there every time...
Seasons Beatings 2017

Dynasty Combat Sports 38: Seasons Beatings 2017

Dynasty Combat Sports 38: Seasons Beatings 2017 took place on December 9th 2017.  What an event to see with a potential fight of the year candidate, and some of the best young up and...

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Welterweight Rankings

Welterweight always provides you with a mixed bag of fighters. Ranging anywhere from 5’8” to 6’5”, all of their body styles are different. Welterweight seems to be the most well rounded division, as in not one technique or practice dominates. Rather amusing when you think about Matt Hughes holding down the division with his wrestling for so many years. Every fighter on this list is skilled throughout the cage and can be one of MMA’s next big superstars.

The Evolution of MMA

Brown vs McCarthy

Brown vs McCarthy

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