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James Kanott vs Jace Fabian: Dynasty Combat Sports 9


James Kanott vs Jace Fabian

– Kanott looking for heavy shots ad swinging hard; Fabian goes in and Kanott lands a well-timed right hand. Kanott wins via KO at 40 seconds in Round 1.

Jake Kocanda vs Christian Hoefling: Dynasty Combat Sports 9


Jake Kocanda vs Christian Hoefling

– Hoelfling and Koncanda exchage strikes; Hoelfling secures a takedown into mount and works for the back of Kocanda, flattens him out and goes for a RNC. Kocanda turns in, but Hoefling applies another RNA. Kocanda gets the fight back to the feet and looks to pressure against the cage, Hoelfling able to get a takedown and secure side control. Kocanda looking to regain guard. Kocanda locks up a triangle and secured a submission at 2:33 of Round 1 by Triangle Choke.


Battling Immortality…


He was too well dressed to be a Cowboy, his suit was pressed, nice tie and freshly shined shoes. I had no idea who he was when he walked up to our control booth. We were setting up for a live broadcast in Cheyenne, Wyoming of all places. My mind was on other things as he handed me a bright red folder with a Celtic looking crest on the front. I looked closer and noticed the words around the crest, “Legends of MMA, Hall of Fame.” asheHe extended his hand and said, “Ashe Bowman, I’m putting together an MMA Hall of Fame…” I thought to myself, that sounds like a good idea but what does he want from me? He explained his vision, in a smooth southern draw, as I worked. I don’t know if it was the idea or the sales pitch but the more he talked, the more I wanted to help. “The sport is much bigger than the UFC,” he said. And he was going to travel the country and contact each nominee personally. I wished him luck, got his number and told him to stay in touch. And now, Ashe Bowman’s vision to start the first ever MMA Hall of Fame has become reality.

The Legends of MMA Hall of Fame differs from the international boxing hall of fame in several ways but holds the same spirit of induction. “The sport is bigger than any organization ‘Al ah’ the UFC. People need to be recognized and people need to have a voice. We run this like the rock and roll hall of fame there is influence of the fans. You must me a good person inside and outside the ring,” says Ashe Bowman, CEO of the organization. Each inductee receives an official MMA HOF championship ring produced in 10k white gold and surround by 14 rubies valued at $2,500 each. 9573e89455b38ebef31a11e985a5edd6They also receive a serial numbered induction certificate and crystal award. Every HOF inductee has the opportunity for licensed merchandise and other ventures. “On the back end the fighters acquire a venue to generate income for the rest of their lives,” says Bowman.

The Legends Hall of Fame gives back a substantial portion of all proceeds, from all merchandise, to the men who earned it and built the sport from the ground up. The Legends of MMA HOF is also continually working to procure endorsements, product merchandising, television & motion picture appearances and roles for the inductees. “A percentage of retail merchandise is disbursed to each member providing them with post-career income, is the goal of the Legends of MMA HOF,” Says Bowman

The Legends of Hall of Fame wants to keep these fighters relevant and keep the sport accountable to their effort and dedication. They identify a distinction between the overall ‘sport” and the UFC. The Legends of MMA HOF is global and all encompassing. There were 20 nominees for the 2014 class of The Legends of MMA HOF. Only five will be inducted in November; Art Davie, Pat Miletich, Rickson Gracie, Fedor Emelianenko and Big John McCarthy. “The Legends of MMA HOF fans have also spoken and had a huge influence on the induction of Fedor,” says Bowman. “They Blew up Facebook and Twitter to voice their adoration for Fedor Emelianenko.” The Legends of MMA HOF takes fan opinion seriously and responds promptly.

From a fighters standpoint you must have 10 years experience and must have won a championship in a large Martial Arts Organization. Trainers must have at least 1 champion in any organization and anyone else depends on how much they have influenced the sport and that means advancing the sport in the public view.  Silver LegacyThis year, Inside MMA’s Ron Crook will host the ceremony at the Silver Legacy Casino in Reno, Nevada and the presenters include MMA Futures own Jens Pulver, Sean Wheelock and Monte Cox. “This is the first year we will have an award show,” says Bowman.

The Legends of MMA Hall of Fame is doing a great thing for the sport of MMA and the way they are going about it is even better. Congratulations to all of this years inductees and we look forward to many more to come.

Fight Of The Week – KCFA 12 Wilson vs Lafernier


This week we bring you a fight with a controversial decision.  It’s hard to tell who won this one, but a great fight regardless.  Let us know who you think won.

You can find the rest of the fights from this event on the KCFA facebook page, give them a follow and a like.  Great Organization and great events!

KCFA Facebook

Kuwait City, Be Nice…



Going on my second month of deployment, I have really realized how much I truly miss the good Ol’ U.S of A. Growing up in North America is a privilege that most take for granted. Waking up in the morning, walking out of your house, wearing what you want, being able to speak your mind, and not get killed for it, is something that by no one’s fault, we truly do take for granted every day. The ability to preach whatever religion you want, believe in whatever you want, come from wherever you come from and still be accepted into society is something that does not happen all over the rest of the world.

Branden Dude Be Nice
MMA Futures and Dude, Be Nice in Kuwait City…

Besides the great freedoms that our fore fathers have fought to provide for us, I most definitely miss the beauty of our great 50 states. When I first arrived in the Middle East, I couldn’t believe that there are living things here. The vast barren desert portrays a picture of solitude and death. Something as simple as grass, would put a smile on my face right about now. From the beaches in California, to the mountains in Colorado, from the plains in Kansas, to the harbors in Boston, when I wake up every day and all I can see is sand, I try my best to close my eyes and remember how absolutely beautiful our country is and that I would fight to keep it that way a million times over if I had to.

Some days over here, motivation levels rise and fall. It’s tough to want to keep up with training when I have to walk a mile in the 120 degree heat to get to the gym, or knowing that I don’t have the training partners that I have worked with for over a year there to help push me to go that extra round. But amidst those

Sergeant Major and I
Sergeant Major and I

challenges, comes a whole new strength, mental strength. Learning to push yourself to do that extra rep, to go that extra round, to work so hard that you’re ready to fall on your face and puke your guts out, that’s where you gain the mental toughness that no one can take from you. The mental side of fighting can over take the physical side real fast if you let it. Not only has this helped me realize how much stronger I will be in the cage, but it has helped me be a stronger person while deployed. Being a team leader (like a shift manager in the civilian world) I have soldiers that depend on me for guidance every day. There are always stressors while being deployed that can get you down. Missing your home, family and friends is usually the big one that can take over your frame of mind quickly if you let it. I know that I have to stay positive and show the soldiers under me that we are getting through the tough times together and will be back on American soil before we know it.

All in all, I know that I will walk away from this experience a better man. You learn a lot about other people and yourself, when all you have is the man to your left, and to your right. Every day brings something different and new, when you’re somewhere in the Middle East….

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