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Getting Started in MMA

Getting Started in MMA

We receive a lot of messages from people asking about how you get started in MMA. Hopping into a sport like MMA can be very intimidating. Especially when you see videos like this one (video). I first want to say that this isn’t what happens when you step into a gym… any gym.  I know Josh Neer and this was the result of a guy heckling and, for lack of a better term, bullying him online, if you showed up at Elite Edge Gym in Ankeny, IA, (Josh Neer’s Gym) you would be welcomed with open arms.

MMA Gyms Near me
Find Gyms Near you
Finding the right gym

Finding the right gym doesn’t have to be difficult.  If you google MMA Gyms in your area your bound to find a couple to go check out. Most gyms offer free trials, go watch a class, meet the coaches, take a class and decide if it’s the right gym for you.

Where to Start

Know what you want to do. Don’t just jump into an MMA class, but be sure to join a gym that has what you want. Most “complete” MMA gyms will offer BJJ, Muay Thai, Boxing, and Grappling classes, but not all gyms are created the same. You may not get along with one of the coaches or maybe you want to focus on Jiu Jitsu, but they only offer it once a week.

Know the Difference in Practices

These are some quick rundowns we’ll be adding longer descriptions and adding links at a later date.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)

BJJ is a submission art typically practiced wearing a GI. BJJ has no striking but teaches the art of defense and submissions normally on the ground. In Jiu Jitsu you would learn things like Triangles, Armbars, Rear Naked Chokes and how to defend them.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a traditional for of striking coming from Thailand. Muay Thai teaches kicks, striking, dirty boxing and working withing the clinch.  Muay Thai is closely related to American Kickboxing.


Boxing is pretty simple, through boxing you would learn striking with your hands.  Things like Jabs, Uppercuts, overhands, and head movement.

Grappling (Wrestling)

Grappling or wrestling is close to Jiu Jitsu, wrestling teaches you to control the other persons body and how to get yourself into a dominate position.

What Will you Need?
MMA Gear
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Well if you’re planning on training MMA you’re going to need several things.  We’ll list below what types of classes you’ll need the for.

  • Mouth Guard (you’ll want this regardless of sport)
  • Cup (If your a guy probably should have this)
  • GI (BJJ, or really and Martial Art)
  • Boxing/Muay Thai Glove (Boxing and Muay Thai)
  • Shin Guards (Muay Thai)
  • Head Gear (Boxing and Muay Thai)


What’s it going to cost?

This is important, your not going to find a descent MMA gym for the same price as your Anytime Fitness membership.  Low end cost of a membership to a descent MMA gym will range from $75-$100 and that may only include a couple classes a week.  But honestly you should expect to pay somewhere between $100-$150 a month for a gym membership.  Those prices may differ in your area, but from my experience that’s about where they are at.  And don’t think because you’re going to be the next big thing you’re any different then every other schmuck in the gym. They have to pay their bills to.

If you have any other questions feel free to write up at info@mmafutures.com or join the conversation on our facebook page



Calling all MMA Brands

calling all brands

MMA Futures is in search of a few good partners and MMA Brands for 2017.  MMA Futures is a one of a kind media company with the ability to get you to potential clients via web and video.  With many different ways to reach your target audience and rates as low as $50 why would you advertise anywhere else, take a look at what we offer below.

Ways to Advertise
  • Online advertising – Any one who partners with us we receive banner ads on our website.  With more than 5,000 visitors a month and growing those are people you could be reaching to sell you product. We would love to expand our online content, but obviously we can’t do that without the help from some great advertisers.
  • Live Streams – Live Streams are the heart of what we have to offer. While many advertisers are struggling to find a way to reach and engage their audience we are able to do that with our live streams.  We for 3-5 a show have a captive audience.  We aren’t going to try to tell you that we have 5,000 viewers for that whole time, but our online streams to average between 4,000-5,550 viewers per show, and that is a captive audience.  They will sit through reads and commercials between fights and even during fights (between rounds) and for the most part will be happy they have something on-screen and not just a holder.  We also have the opportunity here to sponsor Clock, Replays, and even entire events, gaining value on every fight.
  • YouTube Content – We have in the past created unique YouTube content to help promote the young fighters, and would love to get back into that space, we have a couple of ideas, bringing back the meet a fighter segments (these are very simple 2-3 segments that allow a fighter to introduce themselves to the fans grow their fan base), and we would also love to produce a series called faces of a fighters, the idea here is to show the different people who fight in MMA, this is a little more produced than the meet a fighter segments but allows us to help change what people think of the sport of MMA and why it is there.  We are also open to discussing content options with possible advertisers as long as the content falls into our brand mission

Why Partner with us?

MMA Futures works hard to make local and regional fighters accessible to everyone, we are the first step in the ability for these young fighters to create a name for themselves and we can’t do it without the help of great MMA Brands.  If you and your brand would like to join us on this mission please fill out the form below and we will contact you to find out how we can best work together.

FIll out the form below for more informations

*All information will remain confidential and will be used only for business contact and MMA Futures a division of Troubleslate Technologies


The Etiquette of the Cage

Cage Etiquette

A true sportsman steps into the MMA cage with an unparalleled respect for the cage they are stepping into and the opponent who has agreed to step into the cage with them to see who’s skill is greater.

The etiquette a fighter shows in and out of the cage shows, reflects on the entire sport. Every martial art has traditions when it comes to the cage, many are trained to bow before stepping into the cage as a sign of respect to the cage and what it means. Although I’m not saying every fighter need to show respect to the cage and other fighters in the same way there are some things that should be done by every fighter to respect themselves, their opponent and the sport.

Not to long ago I had a conversation with a fighter that had lost my respect for the way he acted after losing a fight. The gym he was at had not taught him the etiquette of the cage and after submitting he walked out of the cage before the final announcement disrespecting himself, the cage and most importantly his opponent. After we talked he understood my views and told me he would change his attitude, his new coach also informed me that behavior like that would not be tolerated at his gym.

Not every fighter approaches the cage the same, some enter the cage with focus and calmness, other enter the cage with aggression and anger, but I believe every fighter should follow a few simple rules to maintain the sanctity and etiquette of the cage.

  • Respect your opponent (You don’t have to like them, but understand they are there to compete just like you, touch gloves, ect.)
  • Remember why you are there (This is a competition of skill)
  • Respect yourself in a win or a loss (remember only one person can walk out a winner, a loss is an opportunity to grow)
  • Walk out friends (you don’t have to be friends forever, but you two just battled, put all personal things aside and respect that at least for the moment.)


As a person that wants to see this sport grow, I find it important to understand that competitors are in the cage for passion and competition.  There will be many on the amateur circuit that don’t understand that, and for the most part they won’t be around very long.

Kansas City Fighting Alliance: KCFA 23


Kansas City Fighting Alliance: KCFA 23

Anthony Gutierrez vs Christian Camp
Dominic Garcia vs Josh Tully 170
Joe Estrada vs Nathan Gossens 140
Antonio Martinez vs Michael Hoff HVY
David Onama vs Theo Brown 155
Amanda Byers vs Elle Wagman 115
Alan Olivas vs Garrett Armfield 135
William Arni vs James Regina HVY
Travis Bray vs Hunter Edwards 145
Brian Harris vs Rex Stidham 135
Tyler Rowe vs JW Kiser 210
Raymond Powell vs Tony Grant 190

Dyansty Combat Sports Spring Brawl

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYX8DJ-DItc]

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