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Meet a Fighter – James Krause


James Krause, well what can you say about this guy? This man is smart and driven and the true definition of what it takes to be a great athlete.  He’s invested his winnings very wisely in a gym that has all the potential to be one of the if not the best gym in the midwest. He also puts his team and his fans first.  In this interview, James talks with us about Glory MMA, gives some advice to up and coming athletes and touches on UFC 178 and what he thinks of the card and his upcoming fight.  Oh and GOMI!

The Dream Catcher


Goal… What does the word goal mean to you? According to Webster it means, “The object of a person’s ambition or efforts; an aim or desired result, the destination of a journey.” Is this how you personally would interpret the term goal, or does it mean the pursuit of your dream? Are you a goal setter, or one who fly’s by the seat of your pants? I am a very goal orientated person.  Each day I set a goal. Sometimes small short term and sometimes big long term but each day I want to be better than the day before.  goal 1 (3) Women’s Mixed Marital Arts (WMMA) has changed the way I look at my goals. Most of my long term goals involve WMMA. With one of my main long term goals, being able to fight on national television. I aspire to being on an Invicta Fighting Championship fight card. Invicta is an all Pro female fight series dedicated to providing female athletes with a major platform to showcase their skills on a consistent basis.  Invicta was founded in 2012.  Even though the promotion is new to the mma scene, Invicta has established itself and has now teamed up with UFC Fight Pass. It has become a nationally televised event. I would would consider fighting on an Invicta card an extreme accomplishment and a privilege. goal 4This is my goal in pursuit of my dream.  In order to fight on an Invicta card, I work each and every day, knowing day in and day out I become one step closer to achieving my goal. Now that I have shared one of my goals with you, do you have your goals or dreams mapped out? If not I advise sitting down and writing your short term/long term goals out and put them where they are visible daily and question yourself if you are on the right track to accomplishing your goals. Setting and achieving goals is one thing you as an individual, can accomplish yourself, in pursuit of your dreams!

Zach Hughes vs Spencer Risch


Zach Hughs vs Spencer Risch – In this weeks fight of the week we bring you a fight between Zach Hughes and Spencer Risch, this was a #1 contender fight for the DC 170 Amateur Title.  Many thought this fight was done in the 1st round but a great turn around in the second makes it go the other direction.  Enjoy.

Is the Business of MMA Destroying the Sport?

The Business of MMA Vs the Sport of MMA

UFC1vhsLets be honest MMA isn’t what it once was.  I would say it’s evolved for the better.  We have sanctioning bodies who’s primary goal is to make sure fighters are safe.  Many new weight classes have evolved from the old days.  Women are getting in the cage.  All in all the sport has grown for the better. But when a sport evolves so does the money wrapped up in it and the business surrounding the sport comes out.

Fighters get managers, agents and PR people these days to help them steer their career in the right direction. That being said, managers have a lot to lose if a fighter they represent, takes a loss in the professional ranks.  A single loss can set a fighter back months if not longer.  So fighters, a manager truly believes in, are set up to never take a loss. This takes away from the fans. This also takes away from the sport, because if you enjoy going to local fights you will never see the elite fighters put to the test or even fight top notch competition because they are set up to win.  A lot of promotions aren’t going to want you to know this, but it’s true.  I have had promoters tell me they know who is going to win every fight before the fights take place.  [pullquote align=left]
This really makes a fighters’ record irrelevant, you’ve got to go through and look closely at who all they have fought.
[/pullquote]  Now, there are some exceptions. There are a few organizations that are able to control matchups a little better because for the most part the fighters are contracted with them and the promotion has control.

UFC-177-PosterThe list of fighters that have made it to the UFC that weren’t ready for one reason or another is an ever growing list. Now not every fighter cut from the UFC is cut because the fighter isn’t ready, many are because a fighter is on the decline, or just can’t cut it with the new up and coming talent.  But for this article I want to focus on the guys that weren’t ready. The guys that have had the road paved for them to get there.  Well they get there and then what?  I will say that promotions like RFA, Titan and, and other large regional shows are turning out to be the way for these guys to get there and know they are ready.  The promoters take more control over the fights, have access to a greater amount of fights and more skilled fighters.

Bellator_logo_hires_transpNow let me throw in another twist.  Bellator.  With them letting Eddie Alverez out of his contract this may change, but from what I am told the way the Bellator contract is set up they have complete control.  And it’s because of this that they will never be able to compete with the UFC.  The UFC at this point, is the sport! The UFC is the dream of every fighter out there. And any fighter that has aspirations to fight in the UFC will avoid Bellator because once they commit they are stuck.  Is this good to grow the sport?  In my opinion not really, they won’t be able to become competitive by growing with the younger kid so in order for Bellator to make a big swing at the UFC they would have to sign away several top athletes from the UFC and lets be honest that’s not going to happen.TitanFC_LogosmRFA_Logo2

So how do we as fans encourage a change? Step 1- I think it starts in the amateur ranks, I see way too many kids customizing fights in the amateur ranks and making the jump before they are ready.  In my opinion I don’t think an amateur should ever go pro after a loss, there is a reason they lost, and it means they aren’t ready, the competition is only going to be more difficult at the pro level.  Step 2 – These pro’s need to be taking tough fights, there is a difference between a bad matchup and a tough fight.  Step 3 Up and coming fighters, guys and gals, need to be fighting in the “Minor leagues” those smaller regional promotions we spoke about earlier.  This is the best way for these fighters to know they are ready, and the best way to rate their readiness, because  now you can trust their record.

So, is the business of MMA destroying the sport?  No, but it is changing the direction the sport is heading. The sport will evolve and the fans that love it will follow.  Whether it be putting fighters in uniforms or which fighters make it all the way, it is and always will be a business. I’m sure many more “business” decisions in the future will alter the path of Mixed Martial Arts again.  But only time will tell.


Making the Cut – Week 2

Corn and Brats
No carbs no dairy, definitely not low fat though
This is the kind of stuff that makes it into my office all week

Okay, lets be honest. I didn’t go into making the cut thinking it would be easy, and honestly I haven’t started training yet, so it’s only going to get harder. But let me put this out there, my “friends” and co-workers suck! Okay let me explain. My roommate thinks it’s cool to keep ice cream in the freezer, which makes me want some, but I can deal with that. I get worse when last week I think a co-worker had a birthday everyday, and for some reason BIRTHDAY= shit I can’t eat, whether it be cookies or cupcakes or ice cream. Then to pile on I got invited to my friends party over the weekend, I told her I would show with one caveat, she had to have something there I could eat, that turned out to be a cheese tray with some salami on it. SALAMI! that’s the best you could do? But I will say she did have some bomb bacon wrapped asparagus that was nearly gone when I got there. Needless to say I spent my evening drinking diet soda, yeah I know but this low carb thing makes me tires all the time, and eating the salami she so generously left for me. She’ll probably read this and I hope she knows I’m just kidding, but honestly this I have found is what I see everywhere I go.

Apple pie
My roommate decided to make apple pie this weekend, yet another thing not on my diet

This week has really been a week of making good decisions, order the widow maker burger with no bun but cheat and not take the cheese off, or go with the salmon and steamed green beans. I believe I made the harder, more healthy choice, each and every time. Cooking at home has become easier, as I’ve found a few things that I can eat regularly that aren’t terrible for me. I’ve been throwing away a ton of egg yolks though, even though my roommate gives me crap about it. But I do it because nothing scares me more about this challenge than failing, and that is not something I am willing to do. I will admit I think I went over on carbs and calories once last week, those damn nuts get me every time. But I made up for it, I didn’t eat for like 48hrs while I was sick.

The end of week 2 is almost upon me. I will say having this one day every couple of weeks to indulge makes it easier to stay clean in the meantime. Saturday I will be having a Large Reese’s Blizzard and maybe a slice or 2 of pizza. I’m going to try not to over indulge, but I’m really looking forward to it. I’m hoping week three to start some strength training, and upping my cardio but I’ll leave that up to the boss Grey Hat Justin Weaver.

I’m also thinking of tossing a recipe that I like each week, onto the blog, maybe help you find some new joys, I would love you guys and gals to send me some too.

Until Next time – Nate

PS below are my week 2 pics, for some reason people seem to want to see the progress 😉

Nate Week 2
Nate Week 2

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