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Nicki Klein is a mom of three girls who are all too sassy for their own good. She has no idea where they get it from. She enjoys wine, coffee, and long chokes on the beach. If she's not training, she's hunting for deals on rash guards online, buying yet another bottle of Essie nail polish, or hiding from her children in the closet with a bottle of wine and the last ice cream sandwich. Follow her on Instagram at @nickiklein Find more of Nicki's work at https://mmawriteup.wordpress.com

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An Old-fashioned Feud

There are so many reasons, I would like to see a match-up between Aaron Rajman and Sky Moiseichik. I have watched Aaron as his career has progressed and he has become a very talented athlete with tons of potential. I have not personally seen Sky in the ring but his 6-3 record speaks for itself. One cannot ignore that there is much more to this match-up than meets the eye. On the surface, it seems like a festering animosity between two guys that have had a turbulent past and share no love loss between them but when you dig deeper it becomes more of a "Hatfields and McCoys" Old-fashioned feud.

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