MCF 15 Poster

Midwest Championship Fighting – MCF 15 St Paddy’s Beatdown Join us Saturday March 24th as we head back to where we started North Platte Nebraska for Midwest Championship Fighting's annual St. Paddy's Beatdown show, MCF 15. MCF has done a great job of...
MMA in the Olympics

MMA in the Olympics

With the Winter Olympics wrapping up, sports are on the world’s radar more than ever, and those of us who are fight fans may end up asking the same question we’ll ask two years...
MMA 101 Cover

MMA 101 – Muay Thai

Muay Thai…that particular pair of words is foreign to all but true fight nerds. Sure, some have heard of it, but most don’t understand what, exactly, it is. So what IS Muay Thai? Muay Thai...

MMA Medical Suspensions

After the dust settles, and the cage is dismantled, the aftermath of the night’s fights takes a less entertaining turn, but one that will impact the near future of the men and women who...

Kansas City Fighting Alliance: KCFA 27 Cooper vs Tully

Saturday MMA Futures and Kansas City Fighting Alliance brings you KCFA 27 live and free on the MMAFutures Youtube Channel. KCFA 27 brings you some of the best Amateur and professional fighters in the Kansas...

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Valcourt Vs Schenkvideo

Justin Schenk vs Adam Valcourt – DCS12 Validation

Justin Schenk vs Adam Valcourt - Dynasty Combat Sports 12: Validation

2015 MMA Futures Awards

Moyle vs Shriver

Moyle vs Shriver

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