DCS 39 Live on Flo Combat

Dynasty Combat Sports 39: New Years Knockouts

We are kicking off the new year with an event like non other.  The MMA Futures team will be traveling to Kearney Nebraska for Dynasty Combat Sports 39: New Years Knockouts, which will be...

Ascendancy Fighting Championship – ACF 15

Ascendancy Fighting Championship presents ACF 15 live from Des Moines Iowa and available exclusively on FloCombat.  ACF 15 features a 17 fight Pro-Am card including local favorites like Brian Green, Tony Crowder, Chance Cretsinger and...

KCFA 24 – Hajeh vs Basler

With Grant Dawson getting the opportunity to compete on Dana White's Contender series on August 15th, KCFA 24 Yazan Hajeh and Seth Basler have been upgraded to main event status.  Yazan "Yaz" Hajeh is...
MMA Title

Does an MMA Title Really Matter?

Does an MMA Title Really Matter? No.  The answer is easy, but the explanation is a little more difficult to explain. The UFC has in the last year moved away from matching up number 1...
Getting Started in MMA

Getting Started in MMA

We receive a lot of messages from people asking about how you get started in MMA. Hopping into a sport like MMA can be very intimidating. Especially when you see videos like this one...

Other Articles

The Fighter Punch List

Being a professional fighter is a whole lot more than collecting a paycheck at the end of three rounds. When you make the decision...

XFN 13

Making The Cut Numbers

MMA in US Army Combatives

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